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I’m reminded of a time when my home country Bulgaria was going through a major economical crisis. It was right after communism fell and the nation was trying to regain independence from Russia. We would wait for hours in lines to get a loaf of bread or some of the essential items in order to survive. There would be shortage of water and electricity. This crisis went on for several years.

Persecution also broke out against the evangelical churches, because hundreds of people were being reached through the Gospel during that time.

Here is what we did: we gathered at homes every night in small groups; we worshiped God and prayed for miracles. When there would be only one pot of soup on the stove and we knew that it wouldn’t be enough to feed everyone, we prayed. And each time God multiplied our food. We were never hungry and we always had enough amidst of crisis. We saw God’s Word and His miraculous power manifested among us.

At other times the police would come and disturb our gatherings. They would pretend to be “believers” and would sit among us so they could figure out what we are about and at a later time come to impose their restrictions. One summer our church was going to host a national conference, but because of the restrictions we weren’t allowed to get back into the building. So we got into cars and decided to circle around the city seven times; we were praying and singing praises to God with our windows down while driving. We prayed with expectancy that God would do the miraculous for our nation. The next day they published an article about us in the newspapers. It was titled: “We tried to stop them, but they are unstoppable.”

We are living in a new global crisis. This time the entire world is looking for answers. We have an enemy - satan, and he will use anything to destroy lives and to turn people away from God by deceiving them to believe that this virus, and any other devastation is from God.

REMEMBER: God judged the world on the cross - Jesus took the punishment for our sins upon Himself, so that anyone who believes on Him would be saved.

Let’s show our real enemy, that we as a church are unstoppable. That we are able to rise together globally and pray united! That we can stand with boldness and proclaim that the coronavirus, the fear, the earthquakes, the locust in Africa, the corruption, the unbelief, the deception, all sickness HAS to bow BEFORE the Name of Jesus!

This is not a time for doctrinal debates. It is not a time of division. The church MUST stand united and be a light and an answer. We must give people hope by standing on the only TRUTH - God’s Word and His promises.

Here is my prayer - feel free to join in! Declare God’s truth!

“Lord, we lift up the nations before you and declare that your purposes and plans will be fulfilled! We speak forth your life to take over hospitals, cities, households, and cause every sickness and disease to be reversed. We pray that instead of death there will be miraculous healings and resurrection. Let the whole world see that satan has always been defeated. Expose every lie, expose every evil! Your power and love is greater than any attack formed against humanity. We stand united through your spirit, in prayer! We agree with You, and choose You, Lord!

We pray for a spiritual awakening around the world. That every nation will see your glory! Spirit of death and fear - you have no authority to blind, confuse and destroy people! Through our prayers and praises we take back all that has been stolen from us. From this day forth we declare your life and freedom over our families and loved ones.

Thank you Lord, that you hear us and that you answer us! We trust you and love you! Amen!”


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