I’m reminded of a time when my home country Bulgaria was going through a major economical crisis. It was right after communism fell and the nation was trying to regain independence from Russia. We would wait for hours in lines to get a loaf of bread or some of the essential items in order to survive. There would be shortage of water and electricity. This crisis went on for several years.

Persecution also broke out against the evangelical churches, because hundreds of people were being reached through the Gospel during that time.

Here is what we did: we gathered at homes every night in small groups; we worshiped God and prayed for miracles. When there would be only one pot of soup on the stove and we knew that it wouldn’t be enough to feed everyone, we prayed. And each time God multiplied our food. We were never hungry and we always had enough amidst of crisis. We saw God’s Word and His miraculous power manifested among us.