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“When tragic events threaten our well-being, we go into survival mode. Unfortunately, an extended time in this way of life can carry long-term ramifications. Our focus turns inward, and the instinct for self-defense overrides our natural compassion and concern for others...

Survival is driven by fear, and while fear may bring people to a temporary place of bonding, it can't provide long-term solutions and build resilience. Though individuals and communities came together to help each other after the Chernobyl radiation, prolonged life under those circumstances, combined with the oppression and control of a strict dictatorship, began to breed a lifestyle of self-centeredness and manipulation based on survival.

We soon found ourselves under a blanket of darkness, numb and hopeless.... Fear drains the color from our lives, leaving only shades of gray that reveal the desperate cry of those trapped in a fearful survival longing for freedom."

(Excerpt from "Motivated by the Impossible" - Ceitci Demirkova | Copyright 2017 | Chapter 7, pg. 111)


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