Many men and women of the Bible, whose names are not often mentioned, made vast historical shifts in their society. Such a person is a woman by the name of Huldah. Mentioned briefly in 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34, she lived in Jerusalem under King Josiah. She was a prophetess through whom the entire nation moved from idol worship to remembering their true God. Huldah not only interpreted the meaning of the Book of the Law, but with boldness she prophesied what was to come. Because of the preparation of one woman, King Josiah heard, listened, and obeyed the word forth. Under his reign, Judah prospered as God was worshiped and glorified once again.

When we shift our vision from me to we and focus on helping others, our dreams begin to carry a deeper purpose. Sometimes God will ask us to take the lead or to empower other people’s dreams. Other times, He will use us to direct the dreamers to a place of restoration and refuge.

Perhaps you don’t have ambitions to change th