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His little, chubby body kept sinking into the chair he was sitting in. Next to him sat a taller boy, chewing his fingers. In front of me, two girls sat next to each other. In front of the room, four young adults excitedly acted out the story of Joseph in the Bible. Dressed in a cape, Nick* played the part well, while his wife and another young woman pretended to be Joseph’s angry brothers. Another young woman narrated the story being acted out. A prayer was said. A verse was taught. The same boy who had slouched so profoundly found himself memorizing the entire verse. When it was time for a game, he threw himself across the room with extreme energy. I gave him a high five, and gathering up every ounce of his strength, he pelted my hand with his palm, then shook his own hand when he found it hurt only himself.

This is one setting of the Changing a Generation sponsorship program. Implementation of the children's curriculum from Metro World Child Bulgaria means that each child who comes, hears solid Biblical teaching and invites them to partake in hope for their future. The signature blue shirt that each team member wears in this location is a symbol of the stability they will find in this place. Here at least they will find people who are not cruel, who are not constantly speaking down to them and declaring them unworthy. 

They will find consistency. 

They will find hope. 

They will find Jesus.

* Blog article written by Sara Scott - Editor and writer for Changing a Generation. These are true stories written during Sara’s summer missions trip to Bulgaria. Names of children and participants are changed for protection purposes.


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