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I love horses! Every time I get a chance to be around them it feels like my souls is refueled with new energy and desire to fight for freedom and truth. For me they represent the enduring, wild and unbroken will of a freedom-fighter.

Years ago someone told me that I’m like a wild horse that doesn’t want to be saddled. It was meant as an insult. But I took it as a compliment and said: “Thank you! I would suggest that you go to the stable and pick out someone who has already been saddled and leave us wild horses be. Communism didn’t “saddle” me and neither will you!”

My question to you is: Who is trying to “saddle” your free will and the amazing person that you are? Who is trying to steal the very breath out of you and crush your spirit? And after you honestly answer, you need to ask yourself, why do you allow it/them?

Don’t let the whispers of the devil tell you that you are less than, that you are defeated, that you must be broken in order to be loved. Reject the lies of a society that tries to steal your identity as a child of God and subjugate or objectify you.

When we fear God - we fear nothing else - because in His unconditional love there is freedom, refuge and new life! Live free!


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