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From the memoirs of my childhood experiences during communism in Bulgaria: Dead Ideologies don't provide answers but demand to be worshipped

It was an early morning, and it was finally our turn as a class to go to the capital - Sofia to pay our respects to Georgi Dimitrov - the founder of the communist party in Bulgaria. Along with Lenin’s and Marx’s teachings we were required to study and uphold in high regard the communist party and all their founders. Any outspoken disobedience was punished in various ways, including concentration camps, eliminating the human rights of any individual. After all, the core of communism and socialism, are driven by the spirit of shame, guilt and unbelief. The more ashamed one felt of his/her existence, the more gratitude they would have toward the system dictating their beliefs.

After several hours of traveling by bus we arrived at the capital and made our way to the white, marble mausoleum. The embalmed body of Dimitrov was preserved there since his death in 1949. It was publicly displayed with visiting hours of operation. I was about 10 years old at the time, but I vividly remember the numerous amount of people going around his body and bowing before him.

Even at a young age I was quite inquisitive, although at that time, my shyness infused thru shame kept me quiet in public settings. My main question after I returned home was, “What happens after death?“ I quickly discovered that what I was asking fell under the “forbidden” questions. The answer that was given to us as a society was, “There is no life after death. We are just a body, we live and then die.” “Yes, but if that was true,” I thought, “then why is this body that looks “alive” not speaking to us? Shouldn’t there be something else that causes the body to live?”

Six years later after communism fell, I heard the Gospel and discovered the answers to my questions, and much more. I found freedom from shame, true acceptance by Christ, and my faith in God’s word was awakened.

Looking back at that experience I have come to realize that the teachings of Marx and Lenin, wrapped in human ideologies, are just like that dead body - they provide no answers, but they do require to be worshiped. In order for them to work, they must first confuse and dismantle the identity of that society, in order to deceive them to accept a false identity.

Ultimately, the devil hates God and therefore he hates humanity. The moment he steals your identity as a child of God, he will wrap you up in his identity based on shame. You’ll be searching in confusion for answers, while The Answer is there all along, but hidden away thru deception.

These ideologies that we had to study and worship under communism were in their core demonic. Why? Because their hatred against Christ was vividly expressed in the oppression of people, who were made to exalt them as god, and rule over them thru fear.

Be on alert, when a belief system is introduced to a society making them think that on their own work they would be freed from shame through guilt!

Jesus didn’t shame humanity - He shamed the devil! Jesus is God, but He never demands worship, He gives us a personal choice to accept Him. Jesus is a threat to any humanistic ideologies, and the devil knows that he will never win over people who have chosen to abide according to God’s kingdom principles!


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