Because of Jesus we are Forgiven and Redeemed! Happy Easter!

12494770_10207998506056482_8434095542909308492_n-1You're one of them.” The girl met my numbed gaze with confidence that destroyed all intelligent argument. “I'm not. I...” The girl didn't wait for me to explain, but gave me a knowing look and moved off. I huddled closer to the fire, trying to get warm. What had Jesus said? “The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified....” Was this the moment we had hoped would prove theoretical? Doubts came from every direction. I tried to retaliate. What about the miracles? The way He forgave sins? Foresaw the future? A man who had hitherto remained in the shadows slouched closer. “Ain't you one of those followers of Jesus?” I shook my head meaningfully and shrugged nonchalantly, cringing at the hate in the man's voice. The sun was barely showing itself over the gray mountains. “You weren't one who was with Jesus?” “I swear it.” You will deny me three times before the rooster crows. His words from the night before hit me as I heard the crowing of a rooster. I felt that I had been stabbed. The door behind me opened, and some of the men came out, hauling Jesus behind them. The man in front stopped, surveying the crowd, and I raised my eyes to Jesus' face. He was looking back at me. The look in His eyes was one of knowing. Of pain. Of love. I felt sick, and I ran from that gaze. The tears tore out of me and I wept until I could not anymore. How was I supposed to go on? What did it matter that I had been taught by the Son of God? Where was I to go, and what was I to do? Only a few days later I was to know the answer. I was sitting alone, and suddenly he was there, and I was on my feet, before I knew he was there; before I knew I was on my feet.  Shame such as I had never felt before came over me and threatened to choke me; I had betrayed as surely as Judas had. The shame mingled with the new, unexpected feeling that I had done a great wrong, but that the wrong was righted- through Him, and by Him. I didn't know what the feeling was, but I felt it, and it gave me the courage to run to Him and throw myself at His feet. I knew I was weeping; I could not lift my eyes. “Why Lord, why would You find me and forgive me? I am not worthy to see Your face. I am not worthy.” “No,” He said. “I Am.” And it is His worthiness, His grace, that has allowed me to follow Him wherever He has called me. And it is that worthiness and grace that will give you strength for the purposes and plans God has called you to. {Luke 22:54-62, Luke 24:34, 1 Corinthians 15:5, Luke 24:7} Article written by Sara Scott, editor at Ceitci Demirkova Ministries DBA Changing a Generation
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