Christmas is HERE: The Value of a Gift

10271_10207247894331658_4668000981569512030_n Christmas was only weeks away. I had asked for a cool race car set this year! Would I get it, or not? Finally it was here, Christmas morning! I was up by 5am looking under the tree. An eight-year-olds fantasy. There it was! A box that looked like a race car set—I was so excited. Because I believed I knew what it was, I saved that box for last. Mom and Dad and my brother grabbed the camera as I tore into the wrapping to find—a RACE CAR SET! But wait, it looked like the old one I had—it was even the old box. So let me tell you a story. I did not grow up in a family that had lots of money. A budget was always needed. Pinching pennies was the way to get by. So, when I unwrapped the gift, and pulled open the box---I saw my old cars and race track---then, my heart sank. To sidetrack some embarrassment to my parents I quickly said, “Oh, you got the old one fixed!” and I forced a smile on my face fighting back the disappointed tears. The present was not what I had expected. It had lost its value for me. Many kids get nothing for Christmas. In fact, many kids around the world don’t even celebrate Christmas with gifts and presents. So why are presents and gift giving so special? A gift is something given. Sometimes that gift may be of far greater worth to the giver than to the receiver. What I mean is, the value of a gift is not based on the value of who receives it, but on the sacrifice, value and love of the person giving it. Think about it. More hours go into finding it, buying it, wrapping it, and getting it to the right person at the right time. As the receiver, I simply tear it open and say, “Oh, boy, thanks!” So it is with God’s gift to us. The Bible speak of God so loving us that He gave---we receive. If we look at the gift God gave to us, some of us say, “It has no value for me.” And we set the gift aside. Probably for the moment we truly don’t see the value in the gift nor in the Giver. But God’s gift was His only Son. When I look at what He gave, I can better understand that the One who gave the gift created the value of it---it was not my receiving it that made it so special. And even though we may view the Giver of the gift with superior value, there is one twist the Bible points out that turns our thinking upside down, “And while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” The greatest portion of a gift is not just the value of the giver alone, but when the Giver values the receiver above the value of the gift---for God SO LOVED--- As you give this year, don’t focus on the value of what you took the time to give, but even more important, focus on the greater value of the one you are giving it to---for it will then be out of your love—YOU GAVE! Here’s the rest of the story---my brother stood up and pulled out another box—it was a brand new RACE CAR SET! I cried as I opened it, now knowing that this gift was truly a sacrifice for my parents. They gave the greater love, to one they loved even more---! Merry Christmas! Written By Gary Evans, Former Project Director @Changing A Generation
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