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Rosa’s father is dead.

He died a year ago due to a drug overdose.

Eight years old, Rosa lives in an atmosphere of family dysfunction and pain.

Her mother is a prostitute.

“I’ll come home, I’ll come home,” she tells those who venture to beg her to return to visit Rosa. But she never comes. The money earned in such a profession as hers is too much of a temptation for her to bypass.

Where is the hope for Rosa? Will she follow in her mother’s footsteps? In many instances, gypsy children are ripe for the endless cycle of becoming involved in this pursuit. Pimps and prostitutes are a viable option for these people lost in the cycle of poverty and godlessness.

More money will never alter the desperation these people feel to gain more. Instead, the Gospel, together with education, can radically change the course of Rosa’s life.

The Gospel is where Rosa finds acceptance and love in the sacrifice of Jesus, her Savior and Advocate. In the Gospel she finds the reason to live in a way that glorifies her Lord, encouraging her to break free from the destructive atmosphere that shapes her life.

Education compliments the Gospel. It is incredibly hard for gypsies to understand the value of hard work: why hold a normal god-fearing job when they can make so much financial headway in the sex trade? Exposure to academic material also whets their appetite for the world of learning. In addition, the way of life they hold so closely; that of filth and sin, is one that brings them comfort. In some ways, they are afraid of any other different life. It is out of their comfort zone. With education and the glorious power of the Lord to cast out fear, we believe this cycle can be changed.

Rosa is part of our sponsorship program - she is being introduced to Jesus and new life every week. With prayer, dedication, and the power of the Gospel, her life will not follow the trajectory that is inherently expected of her.

* Blog article written by Sara Scott - Editor and writer for Changing a Generation. These are true stories written during Sara’s summer missions trip to Bulgaria. Names of children are changed for protection purposes.


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