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The power of sponsorship Report from Uganda

Thanks to his sponsors providing for his high school and trade school education, Emmanuel (Emma) received his diploma last year in biomedical engineering and got a good job with a company who makes medical equipment. With the graduation gift money from his sponsors, he was able to get his passport. Because he was prepared to travel, his boss arranged for him to attend a training seminar in dental equipment in Algeria. Emma recently returned, having passed the training seminar
exams with flying colors, and is happily advancing in the medical
arena. We are very proud of him and what he has accomplished. Emma's words to his sponsors in a recent email reflect his deep gratitude: "All I have and what I am is because of you and God." (Emma)"

A letter from a 20 year old to his sponsors, who have supported him all the way through trade-school:  “I want to thank you for your contribution towards my education and other school needs. I really appreciate everything with all my heart.  When I lost my dad I was 14 years, and I couldn't believe that he was gone until his body was brought back home. By that time, I knew my education had come to an end cause my mum was left without a job. I prayed to God and He answered my prayers by bringing you to me. I love you very much because you revived the hope I had lost and you did what my dad would have done.  I love you really very much.

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