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How I got into the Sponsorship Program
My name is Rahel Fati.  I am 11 years old.  I am now in primary four. One day I was playing with my friends outside our yard.  All of a sudden we saw a white lady approaching us and we wanted to run away because we were afraid.  That was my first time of seeing a white lady.  I was later told, that the white lady was called Nanette.  She took our photographs.  Later on Chief Nana brought the pictures to Bamboi and was looking for us.  Mr. Peter Kalao identified me.  Before that I was not going to school.  The most interesting thing was that Madam Nanette said we could be included in the program if there was the need.  The three of us whose pictures she took are all in the program.  If not for Madam Nanette I wouldn't have been in the program of Changing a Generation. I am sure God moved her heart when she saw us.  I have no father and mother.  I don't know whether they are both dead or alive.  It was recently I got to know that, the woman I am staying with is not my mother.  I was told my mother left home when I was only two years old.  She abandoned me to my aunt and left for the neighboring country Cote D’Ivoire.  Up to now, nobody knows her whereabouts.  I was told my father divorced my mother when I was born and also disappeared. I thank all those who are helping me to continue with my education. I thank Madam Nanette for bringing me out of darkness to see light.
Thank you.
Rahel Fati – Sponsored Child.

I appreciate all that you have been doing for me.  I thank my sponsors for the wonderful love and support for my education. God bless them all. In this September when school re-opens, I will be in primary five.
The sponsorship program is helping me a lot to get all my school needs. The chickens you gave me are doing very well. I will give two out to my friends in the program when they grow up a bit and stop following their mother.  Greet my sponsors for me.
Thank you,
Matthew Bahamepee

I am a sponsored kid in your program. My name is Sandra. I love my sponsors. I greet them wherever thay are. I don't even know how to express my joy for how I am benefitting from the sponsorship program. My parents are poor and find it difficult to give me my school needs and pay my school fees, but the sponsors are doing it for me.  I thank Changing a Generation.  I will be going back to school in September.  I am doing well in school and pray that God will bless my sponsors.

My name is Alhassan Yahaya.  I am now twelve years old.  I would be going to primary six when we get back to school.  Because of the sponsorship I am not having any problem in paying my school fees and other school needs. I also have the chicken you gave me and I am taking good of it.  It has small chickens {six of them}.  Some of our friends in the sponsorship program didn't get chickens.  Mr. Peter Kalao told us to help our friends.  To give them a chickens also to take care of.  When my chickens grow big,I will give one to one of our friends.  Very soon, my chicken will start laying eggs again.  The program is helping us so much in our education.Please continue to support us!
Thank you!

My name is Kojo Num.  I thank you for supporting my education.  I would have been out of school long time ago if this sponsorship program had not picked me. I have no mother and have no father. Both of have died leaving me with my brothers who are not working.  The program pays my school fees and provides for my other educational needs like uniform, books, pens, etc. I am very happy with the program. I would be going to class six when school re-opens in September.  I love my sponsors at Changing a Generation. God bless you and your work.

I see my sponsors as my everything in life.  I always pray to God to give my sponsors long life so that they can continue to support my education. I would be going to Junior High School one when school opens in September.  I thank Ceitci and Nannette and all others for including me in the program.  That has helped me to get to this level in my education.  God richly bless them all.  I cannot forget thanking Chief Nana Dapaah, our paramount chief for Mo people.  The program is teaching me to be generous and supportive. To help one another when you have and your friend haven't got.  I have the belief that God loves a cheerful giver.  It is our prayer and hope that our generous sponsors would continue to support us to make our lives better in the future.  My chickens are doing well.  I lost two chickens out of seven when the mother first hatched them.  I have the hope that one day I would become a poultry farmer even if I were employed government worker.
Thank you!
I am Elija Chiranquah (Sponsored Child)

A 10 years old named D.* is cared for by her grandmother who is not employed. Their home is a mud hut. To bring in funds, D. sells water in the market for her grandma. Her life has been full of difficulty, but through Changing a Generation she now has the funds to attend school, and with schooling there is hope. D. says, "I had no hope of going to school because my parents died when I was very young. I was taken by my grandmother who is old and could not afford to take me to school. Anytime I saw my friends going to school, I wish I could also accompany them to school but my grandmother would stop me because according to her, she could not afford to pay my tuition fees and cater for other school needs. This is true because sometimes we eat once a day. I thank God that I was found and had a sponsor through Changing a Generation. God bless my sponsors."

K.N. is a 14 year-old boy who experienced the death of his mother a few years ago. After that, he was living with his father. However, K.N.'s father died also. When his father died, K.N. had to stop going to school because his two brothers, whom he ended up living with, were not able to supply the necessary funds. Because of Changing A Generation, K.N. is now back in school. After watching both his parents die, K.N tells his sponsors, "I am happy. I am in school. Please I beg you try and always help me so that I can finish my school. Thank you."

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