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Happy NEW 2015!

2015 – A Year of Significance Webster dictionary describes ‘sig·nif·i·cance’ as the quality of being important; the quality of having notable worth or influence We are standing at the doorway of another new year! Before you go any farther, I hope that … Continue reading

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7 Practical Ways to GET UNSTUCK – Part 3

We are continuing today with part 3 from "7 Practical Ways to GET UNSTUCK." a-self-talk Yesterday, I asked you to write down various limiting beliefs that are causing you to live in bondage. I hope you took the time to think and identify those beliefs. If you have not, please do it today. Here is why this is important: Our beliefs are usually acquired. However, by giving sanction to the words and thoughts that pass through your mind or are spoken to us, they become a permanent part of our life. This can serve in both positive and negative ways. "Once you establish your beliefs, you behave like the person you know yourself to be." - Lou Tice Today, I would like to focus your attention on SELF-TALK. This quote states it well: Be careful how you are talking to yourself, because you are listening. (Lisa M. Hayes) Your SELF-TALK affirms when you do something right and it also affirms when you do something wrong. Have you asked yourself "How can I be so stupid?" or "What's the matter with me?" or told yourself "I am so forgetful, here I go again..." Click this link Video with Lou Tice on Self-Talk to find out how our negative self-talk can be changed. You are on your way to GET UNSTUCK! Written by Ceitci #GetUNSTUCK™
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