NEW RELEASE "MOTIVATED BY THE IMPOSSIBLE: Recognizing Your Invisible Mentors" by Ceitci Demirkova

We are excited to announce that Ceitci's newest book is OFFICIALLY RELEASED! You may order it by visiting our store page on this site. It is also available on our new book website at
If you have read the book please leave a review on Amazon by clicking this link:

Ongoing Course Training/s for groups or individuals facilitated by Ceitci and her team.
The course will be available online or in person after April 3, 2018.

In-person-meetings are only available for those living in Southern California, Seattle, WA, and/or for groups of 5 or more located in other States.

Information and Registration are now available!
You may call 206.569.5161 for questions or registration.

Additional Information:

The ONLINE Group Course is presented either in two full days (4 hours each day) or in 2 1/2 hr segments over a period of 3 days.
The price is $249.95 per person (Includes personal coaching, personality testing and overview of the results. A group of 10 or more is required).

Individual coaching is also available (Price $499.95 and up depending on the length of the training & individual's needs and goals; initial personality assessment testing and overview of the results is included within the price.)

Send us an email requesting more info either at the link above or at


January 21 - Morongo Valley, CA

Church of the Lighted Cross

January 24 - Newport Beach, CA

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Business Event

January 31 - Orange County, CA

Power Women Wednesdays
Interview (Will be aired on FB Live)

February 1-8 - Orange County, CA

Webinar Taping
Our NEW Webinar "Invisible Mentors" will be released on April 3, 2018!
More information is found on the home page of our website. We can't wait to have you join us online!

February 12-19 - Tulsa, OK

WIN Seminar
Various Meetings and Speaking Engagements

February 18 - Wagoner, OK

New Beginnings Outreach

February 24-25 - Springerville, AZ

Momentum Life Church

February 28 - March 12 - Orange County, CA

Webinar Tapings

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