It’s easy for me to think of sex-trafficking as something that happens “over there” or “down there” – anyplace but HERE.  Where I live.  In Suburbia America.  Next to the beautiful beach, under the warm California sun.  But, right in my backyard, there are people who are slaves.

While doing research, it was brought to my attention that the 27million humans in slavery today aren’t  just in impoverished countries, or dirty ally-ways, but often in some of the nicest port cities.  This map from Not For Sale Campaign’s resources tracks the number of REPORTED cases in the United States through this, and the most incidents of reported trafficked-victims forced into sex-slavery occur in Southern California.  Right in my backyard – literally.

My stomach drops at this.  It makes it even more real.  I could be driving by an obscure brothel at any given time where women and/or children are forced to have sex for the benefit of “someone” controlling their lives!  I could be walking by a young lady on the street who doesn’t want to be there, but has to act like she does because that “someone” is watching.

Big events draw even more pimps and criminals into cities with their slaves – this article gives the story of a young lady forced into sex-slavery, and what it was like for her.  It will cause your heart to stop, or beat really hard and fast.  Mine did both.

These are resources to keep us aware that what we pray for, what we fight against, and what causes our hearts to stir at the injustice isn’t just a long distance cause.  It’s a cause to pick up right in the backyard.  Familiarize yourself with the signs of an individual in sex-slavery,  To get more involved, contact our office via our website


Written by Krinda Joy, Creative Arts Team, CDM


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